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Update Time: 26 Nov 2015 14:32GMT


Despite cable's intra-day retreat fm Asian high
of 1.5132 to 1.5067 in European morning, subsequent
rebound suggests further choppy trading abv Tue's
2-week trough at 1.5053 wud continue n another rise
to 1.5136 (y'day's high), then to 1.5156 is likely.

Trade fm long side for 1.5120 1st n only below
1.5066/67 wud risk re-test of 1.5053/56.
Rate: +1.5120+
Strategy: +Target met+
Position: Long at 1.5080
Objective: 1.5120
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MARKET REVIEW ON 26 Nov 2015 18:36 GMT

U.S. dollar steady versus other major currencies in thin trading on Thursday

The greenback held steady against the other major currencies in thin trading on Thursday as expectations for a December rate hike by the Federal Reserve continued to support the U.S. dollar. 
Versus the Japanese yen, U.S. dollar met renewed selling at 122.78 in Australia and then fell to 122.55 in Asia. Later, despite a brief rebound to 122.70 in European morning, price retreated to 122.50 and then move sideways in holiday-thinned North American session with U.S. markets closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.  
The single currency were little ch ...
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26 Nov 2015 01:57 GBP/USD - 1.5121.. Cable trades with a steady undertone in Asian morning n despite Wed's selloff in euro, active cross-buying in sterling vs eur & yen help cable trading abv Tue's 2-week low at 1.5053 n price later rallied in tandem with euro fm NY low of 1.506 to 1.5136.  
Y'day's rebound fm 1.5056.....
26 Nov 2015 01:49 EUR/USD - 1.0620.. Euro is in holding pattern in subdued Asian trading as traders are standing aside after y'day's wild swings. Despite intra-day selloff m 1.0689 in Europe on Reuters report the ECB is considering other stimulus options at its next policy meeting, the single currency staged a strg r.....
26 Nov 2015 01:44 USD/JPY - 122.65.. Dlr pares y'day's intra-day rally fm European morning low of 122.26 to 122.94 in NY morning. Price traded with a soft bias in Asian morning as traders are on the sideline after y'day's broad-based usd's swings. 
With U.S. financial markets closed for Thanksgiving Day holiday, the .....
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Time Country Indicator Actual Forecast Range Previous Revised
2330 Japan Jobs/Applicants Ratio - Oct 1.24 1.22/1.25 1.24
2330 Japan Unemployment Rate - Oct 3.4% 3.3/3.4 3.4%
2330 Japan All Household Spending MM* - Oct 1.1% 0.2/1.6 -1.3%
2330 Japan All Household Spding YY* - Oct 0.1% -0.8/1.0 -0.4%
2330 Japan CPI Core Tokyo YY* - Nov -0.1% -0.2/0.1 -0.2%
2330 Japan CPI, Core Nationwide YY - Oct -0.1% -0.2/0.0 -0.1%
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AceTrader - Best Intra-day Forex Trading Strategies







Update Time: 26 Nov 2015 08:09 GMT


Despite yesterday's cross-inspired resumption of erratic decline from last Wed's 12-week peak at 123.77 to 122.26 in Europe, subsequent rally back to 122.94 in New York after upbeat U.S. durable good data suggests aforesaid fall has 'possibly' ended and consolidation with upside bias is in store today.   
Above 122.94/96 res would encourage for gain twd 123.26 but 123.77 should remain intact this week. Only below 122.26 would risk stronger retracement twd 122.01 before prospect of a rebound due to loss of downward momentum.  
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Last Update At 26/11/2015 00:44 GMT
Trend Daily Chart Daily Indicators 21 HR EMA 55 HR EMA
Down Bullish convergences 1.5108 1.5116
Trend Hourly Chart Hourly Indicators 13 HR RSI 14 HR DMI
Sideways Rising 54 +ve
Daily Analysis
Choppy consolidation to contionue
Resistance Support
1.5190 - Mon's high
1.5156 - Tue's high
1.5136 - Y'day's high
1.5053 - Tue's low
1.5027 - Nov 6 5-month low
1.5000 - Pyschological sup
. GBP/USD - 1.5127... Cable swung wildly on Wed as despite a brief rise to 1.5115 in Asia, price fell in tandem with euro to 1.5056 in Europe, however, sub sequent intra-day rally in euro in NY helped price climb to 1.5136. . Looking at the bigger picture, despite cable's early rally fm Nov's 5- month trough at 1.5027 to as high as 1.5336 last week, subsequent retreat n then the sha.....
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